laurensmaternitysession-124In January of 2014 we took the plunge and ventured into the journey of parenthood. I’ve recapped my experience each week with updates on body changes, how I felt mentally and emotionally, the not-so-glamorous “perks” of pregnancy, and how I maintained my fitness.

Two Pink Lines
Weeks 4 & 5: Is This For Real Life?
Week 6: The Appointments Begin
Week 7: Holy Cramps Batman!
Week 8: We Finally Saw You Little Peanut!
Week 9: Preparing for the Big Reveal
Week 10: Somewhere Sunny and 75
Week 11: Back to the Grind
Week 12: The Most Beautiful Sound In The World
Protein! Protein! Protein!
We’re Doing It All Wrong
Week 13: Start Spreading the News!
Week 14: Come On 2nd Trimester!
Week 15: Nothing But Gratitude
Week 16: Hiccups
Week 17: The Onset of Pudge and STRESS
Week 18: The Attack of Pregzilla
Week 19: Baby on the Backburner
Week 20: We’re Halfway There!
Week 21: Packing Up and Our Great American Road Trip
Week 22: There’s No Place Like Home
Week 23: Showered
Week 24: Admin, Crossfit & A Weekend at the Lake
Week 25: Wishing For A Babymoon
Week 26: Running the Roads
Week 27: A Solid Dose of Vitamin D and a Visit from Dad
Week 28: Playing Dress Up & More Tests
Week 29: Winding Down and Gearing Up
Week 30: Going, Going, Gone!
Week 31: Living In Transition
Week 32: We Might Just Have A Nursery In Time!
Week 33: Plugging Along Like A Papaw On A Rascal
Week 34: Checklists and Nursery To Do’s
Week 35: Tummy Troubles And A Quick Babymoon
Week 36: From Turkey to Germany
Week 37: Gone In A Flash
Week 38: Waiting By The Phone
Week 39: Waiting Impatiently
The Nursery Reveal

Aubrey’s Birth Story