Hi! And welcome to our little corner of the interwebs! We’re really glad you’re here 🙂

This blog started as a collection of mementos during a time when my husband, Will, and I decided to put our house in Charlotte, NC on the market, and move back home to Asheville, NC to live in an old tobacco barn until we figured out what we really wanted to do with our lives. We were tired of life in the city, and ready to get back to the simple things that make life worth living. The Barn is meant to be a reflection of that mindset. An appreciation for everyday life, acknowledging the blessings we hope we never take for granted, and basking in the love we share in our family.

We lived in the barn for a little over six months before we dove headfirst into the military lifestyle as Will began his training to be an Air Force JAG (Judge Advocate General – military lawyer). When he graduated we, along with our two dogs, shipped off to the wild and wonderful midwest to a snow-covered little town called Rapid City, South Dakota where we spent two great years.

We have now moved across the world to Turkey, and our first little one arrived October 2, 2014. We apparently like to cram all the crazy into short timeframes, but that is the nature of our ever-changing lives and we couldn’t love it more.

This blog is the chronicle of our adventures, our burning passion for culinary delights and travel, life in the military, fitness, photography, and anything else that strikes our fancy.

Thank you for stopping by!