Discovering Our Hometown: The NC Apple Festival

Last Friday Husband and I decided to kick off our Labor Day weekend a little early by going to the NC Apple Festival in Hendersonville (a small town about 30 minutes from Asheville).  We planned ahead by eating a light breakfast, you know to prep for all the awesome apple treats we planned to indulge in.
Growling tummies and excited taste buds in tow we hit the road.
We were starving and had committed to trying everything apple available so our first stop was for apple cider slushies.  Being that it was 90+ degrees that day the cool refreshing slush felt like heaven sliding down our throats. We may have fought over sips 🙂
Not sure how it fits in with apples but there was a leather goods booth that Husband was drawn to like white on rice.

He got an “awesome” belt.

At least it had an appropriate design for our new home to be (although we had no idea at this point).

After walking in the blistering sun for a little ways we came to the conclusion that the apple festival was a little disappointing. I think all in all there were only four or so apple stands, and although they offered a plethora of apple varieties the only treats we could find were fried apple pies, apple turnovers, apple cider slushies and caramel apples.
Not that all of those aren’t delectable.
And not that we didn’t partake is pretty much all of them.
But we had hoped to experience some really innovative uses for apples.  Like savory apple sandwiches or apple fudge or something really off the wall that you wouldn’t expect.  Something that only people who live and breathe apples could come up with.

Just a lot of apples.

And pretty balloons.

However disappointing the festival, the darling town of Hendersonville made up for it. We found a thai house and gorged on pad thai and red curry for lunch before making our way back to the car to head to the lake.

But not before testing out the fried apple pies…

and turnovers 🙂

This is Husband talking to the Major telling us our assignment, while I was freaking out 
At least we can check this one off our list.  Stay tuned for our Labor Lake Lake Festivities!

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  1. I love you blog!! I have been reading it for a while now, and we seem to share an unspoken, unknown and honestly quite surprising relationship. Along with our love for great food, fitness, outdoors and family, we grew up in a great place!
    I just read the apple festival one and I have a great apple sandwich. You grill pumpernickel bread, granny smith slices, sharp cheddar, red onion, dijon mustard and srirach hot chili sauce (like whats on the table at asian restaurants). Its wonderful. But what really sets it off is when you dip it into butternut squash soup! I'm not going to lie, I took the easy way out and got the V8 butternut squash soup in a carton and just added some extra veggies and spices! Can't wait to read the next blog!!!

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