Remodeling Our Brick Ranch: Kitchen & Dining Room Reveal


I almost hated to clutter up this pretty post with these awful before photos, but in this case it’s kind of important to remember just where we started. Remember this horrific hoarding travesty? And then this cleaner, yet sadly dated situation?  After about 4.5 months of hard work, fine tunings, and some long awaited shelves,Read more

Taking Elephant For A Walk


I thought bringing elephant along would make a cute prop. As is turns out, walking elephants requires near constant attention. One must make sure they are upright, and in fact moving in a forward direction. And make sure their string remains untangled.  Of course you don’t want to pay such close attention to your ellieRead more

Fall In The Blue Ridge Mountains


We knew how close the parkway was when we moved into our house, but after making the short drive a couple of weekends ago we kind of freaked out at just how close it is, and now it’s becoming a regular “to do” when we have a few spare minutes.  This past weekend we knew theRead more

And Just Like That, We Have A 2 Year Old


In some ways I feel every day of these two years that have passed.  Experienced moms aren’t kidding when they use the term “the days are long, but the years are short.” One day your in the trenches of breastfeeding a little nugget that needs your never-ending attention, and the next they are running aroundRead more

A Sunday Evening Hike On The Mountain To Sea Trail


We reached a milestone last weekend. As of Saturday around 3-ish in the afternoon we had kitchen shelves and a fully finished bathroom. Those two projects marked the last of the big projects for our upstairs renovation in the house, and with their completion I let out a humongous sigh of relief.  Gutting and renovatingRead more

NC Mountain State Fair


It was still 90+ degrees, and we probably would have been more comfortable sunbathing at the lake, but we finally had a weekend that didn’t include a long list of house projects so we rallied up Aunt Hannah and Uncle “Geffy” and headed to the fair.  We had the bright idea to go during theRead more

A Motherhood Moment: Reflecting On My Time With Our First Born


There are a lot of things I expected as we look forward to expanding our family this January. Things like figuring out how to keep up with two little munchkins, how to stay sane when time becomes even harder to come by, the adjustment for Aubrey with a new sibling in her life, and importantRead more

A Green Home On A Budget With Young Living


So let’s talk real talk for a few minutes. I’ll start by addressing the elephant in the room. I’ve used the word “budget” in the title of this post alongside the name of an essential oil company whose oils easily cost 2-3 times that of the ones you find in your local health food storeRead more

Actively Decluttering

Actively Decluttering

I am writing this post mostly for my own accountability as we look forward to receiving our six-crate full shipment of household goods from Turkey (in addition to the truck full we just got out of storage in South Dakota – yep that means stuff we hadn’t seen in 2+ years). Years ago when weRead more

An Early 2nd Birthday Party


Aubrey and her little cousin Evan are only two months apart in age, and that means his mom and I got the chance to plan a joint birthday party. Two times the fun, half the planning and clean up, and two very happy kiddos – sign me up! I don’t think Aubrey noticed it’s stillRead more